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Insurance Claims Experts

Insurance Claims Consulting

Professional support and advice to settle your next claim.

3rd Party Loss Inspections and Cost Control

When it comes to filing insurance claims, you need a professional you can trust.  At GD Consulting, we’re here for you from start to finish to make sure you have an unbiased and completely accurate third-party insurance assessment. Our team provides detailed and professional reporting, on-site photography, and expert scoping and estimating services. 

Dependable Claims Consulting for Insurance Adjusters

We provide reliable third-party assessments for insurance claims. You can trust that we’ll give you a fair and unbiased assessment on time, every time. 

Explore Our Insurance Claims Consulting Services

When it’s time to assess a claim, you’ll have GD Consulting’s full support and guidance. In the event of a claim, our consultants are there to provide:


  • Post loss scoping & estimating

  • Third party inspections, damage appraisal, mediation & consulting

  • Cause of loss & reports

  • ACV/RCV analysis

  • File audits & reviews

  • Content management

  • Large & complex losses

  • Mould, asbestos & ICC testing and sampling


Our insurance experts have experience in a range of industries with a variety of claims. For accurate, unbiased insurance estimates in Edmonton, get in touch with GD Consulting.

Professional Guidance, Excellent Results

When it comes to filing an insurance claim you need everything to go as smoothly as possible. You can’t afford to lose valuable time or money on a claim. Working with an experienced claims consultant gives you the extra confidence you need when filing an insurance claim. We know exactly what you need to submit your claim on time and stress-free.


  • Your claim will be settled quickly

  • Your claim will be settled for the correct amount

  • We’ve evaluated all possible outcomes

  • We’ll save your company time and money

  • We’ve given you a fair, accurate assessment

  • We’re unbiased, impartial, and open through every stage


At GD Consulting we understand the importance of having an expert guide you through the claims process. That’s why everyone on our team is always ready to work with you no matter the size or complexity of the claim. Our consultants will work with you throughout the entire claims process to limit the time and resources you spend submitting a claim. We’re there with you through every step of the process.

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